FAQs - Members

1. What is lunchalot.com?

lunchalot.com is a brand new, completely unique and genuinely last minute restaurant booking service; where our Members can book online at the last minute and eat half price.

2. What discount offers are available to members?

As a lunchalot.com member, you will have access to exclusive last minute deals posted by the restaurants, offering you either a 50% discount off food, or a 25% discount off your total bill. The best part is that the discount covers the food and drink of you and everyone in your party!

3. How can I join lunchalot.com?

To become a lunchalot.com Member, click the ‘join’ button at the top right of the website and follow the prompts. Once you become a Member you can start searching for tables instantly.

4. How do Booking Credits work?

Very simple - 1 booking credit entitles you to 1 table booking at a lunchalot.com Partner Restaurant or Café of your choice.

5. How do I use my Booking Credits?

You can find your table by using the ‘Search for Tables’ page. You can sort tables by cuisine, price range, location and number of guests to find the one that’s just right for you. When you have found a restaurant or café you would like to book, confirm your booking and we will instantly send you an email or SMS with your booking details.

6. I've registered my email address with lunchalot.com, but the emails aren't coming to my inbox. What should I do?

Please check your Junk or SPAM folder in case they have accidentally been delivered there. You can also log into your account to see your bookings on the ‘Bookings’ page. If you have any difficulties from here, you can get in touch using the chat window at the bottom of the page.

7. Do I have to contact the restaurant and confirm my reservation?

No, we’ll take care of it and confirm your reservation with the restaurant for you. 

8. Do I have to tell the restaurant Im on a special offer when I arrive?

The restaurant also receives a booking confirmation, so all you need to do is give the restaurant your name. There is no need to print a voucher or coupon, as the discount will be automatically applied to your bill. 

10. How will I receive my booking credits?

Every month your booking credits will be automatically loaded onto your lunchalot.com account.

11. Are the discount offers just for me?

The good news is that the discount offers apply to you and everyone included in your booking!

12. Can we choose any dishes from the menus?

Absolutely, with the lunchalot.com offer you order from the regular menu, there are no ‘special’ set menus!

13. What happens if I cancel my reservation or I dont turn up to the restaurant?

Unfortunately you will not receive a refund or exchange of your credit used for that booking. If you cannot make your booking, you need to call the restaurant as soon as possible to notify them.

14. Can I make purchases on the website with confidence?

You sure can. We don't store your credit card details. They are transmitted via e-way and are encrypted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. This ensures your credit card and contact details are safe and secure.

15. Do your Partner Restaurants get charged for this service?

At lunchalot.com we do not charge our Partner Restaurants so they are able to give the best deal to our Members and still make a profit! 

16. What does the price guide mean?

The price guide displayed on the Website is a self-evaluation by a Partner Restaurant based on the following criteria:

 $ = quick service / high table turnover / low-price menus

$$ = mid-range segment / quality food / average-price menus

$$$ = fine-dining / high-quality food / high-price menus

17. How do I cancel my membership?

Once logged in, click on ‘your account’ in the top right and follow the prompts.

18. Is the deal for lunch only?

Tables are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. lunchalot.com is just the name of the company!

19. What does ‘last minute’ mean?

Last minute means you can book a table 7 days in advance and up to as little as 5 minutes before the booking time.

20. Do you have an app?

The lunchalot.com website is a mobile enabled web app. This operates similarly to an app from the app store and can be saved to your home screen on your smart phone. Search www.lunchalot.com on your smart phone and click the ‘save to home screen' arrow.

21. I am a member on a Free Trial, will I be charged?

You will not be charged a cent during the trial period. You can cancel your free trial at any time without being charged. After your trial period has ended, lunchalot.com will debit your monthly membership fees. As a paid member you can cancel your membership at any time, this will be effective from your next renewal date. You can still use your unexpired bookings during the time remaining on your current membership. 

22. What is a non-discount booking?

Anyone can book a regular non-discount table, you do not have to be a lunchalot.com member. These are regular bookings and there is no discount applied. There are two types of non-discount bookings on our site: Guaranteed and Request.

23. What is a guaranteed booking?

This is otherwise referred to as ‘instant confirmation’. Meaning your booking will be instantly confirmed by email or SMS as soon as you hit the ‘book’ button.

24. What is a request?

There are a few restaurants who have not guaranteed their non-discount bookings. With these you will be submitting what’s known as a ‘booking request’. Once submitted, a restaurant has 15 minutes to  accept, decline or suggest a new time for your booking. You will be notified as soon as the restaurant has responded to this request – no need to call the restaurant or follow up, we’ll take care of it all for you.

25. How do I book a non-discount table?

You can book a regular non-discount table the same way you book a discount table. The only difference is some restaurants offer instant confirmation of your booking via SMS or email. Other restaurants have chosen to manually confirm your bookings which we call ‘on request’. This depends on the restaurant. These bookings are differentiated on the website, you will know if you’re requesting a restaurant as the button will say ‘request’ not ‘book’.

26. How does ‘Suggest a new time’ work?

Once a restaurant has suggested another time for your regular, non-discount booking you will be notified. From there, you can either accept or decline this other time that the restaurant has suggested.

27. Can I submit more than one booking request at a time?

No, you can only submit one booking request at a time. However, if you have changed your mind about booking a specific restaurant, you can easily cancel your booking request on the website prior to receiving a confirmation. Once you have cancelled you can book another restaurant.

28. Does my full price booking cost me a booking credit?

Absolutely not. Booking credits are only used when you book a discounted table via the lunchalot.com website.

29. Are non-discount bookings available to members only?

No, anybody can book a non-discount table. You don’t need to be a lunchalot.com member to book these tables.

30. What does the gift box next to the restaurants listing mean?

This means that those restaurants will offer a special lunchalot.com ‘Thank You’ to those that book a non-discount table through the lunchalot.com site. The gift is completely at the discretion of the restaurant (coffee, amuse-bouche or a glass of wine), so you never know what surprise you might receive!