The restaurant rating system

Nowadays there are very many websites offering online reviews and ratings. It has been reported that this information is often not very reliable as people may have another agenda when recommending a particular restaurant, or even in not recommending another restaurant ‘next door’. Additionally many sites calculate their restaurant rating by including reviews and ratings that were written several years ago. So good or poor service received by a diner in say 2008, would influence the rating on how good the service is now, in 2014. Additionally restaurants often have a change of management and ownership further rendering old reviews and ratings as irrelevant.  Accordingly it becomes more and more difficult and time consuming to work out what you may expect when choosing one restaurant over another relying on online ratings and reviews.

Here at, we have cut through the information and misinformation to compile a simple rating system for restaurants on the site, based on postings on many of the most popular review sites. Although everything in our business model is designed to be fully transparent the algorithms we use to produce our ratings remain a guarded secret, so that they cannot be influenced or abused by any business that may have its own agenda. What we can reveal is that we disregard ratings and reviews over 6 months old and we give far more weighting to trusted reviewers and far less weighting to ‘questionable’ ratings or reviews.

Our ratings cover food, service, atmosphere and value. These are all rated out of 5 stars. The final rating is based on an overall opinion as to whether the diner would recommend the restaurant to a friend or whether they would go back there again. This important consideration can be hidden by just looking simply at whether say the service (which might be down to an individual waiter) or value (that might not take into consideration a Lunchalot discount) was good or bad.

We hope you find the rating system as a useful and reliable method of helping you choose where you next eat out.