FAQ - Restaurants

1. What is lunchalot.com?

For restaurateurs and café owners lunchalot.com is your FREE marketing platform. An online restaurant booking service for you to advertise table availability to our Members as and when you want. The special offer is only visible to Members and not the general public, meaning it will have little effect on your regular business.

2. Why does lunchalot.com offer this service for FREE to Partner Restaurants?

At lunchalot.com we do not charge a fee to our Partner Restaurants so they are able to give the best deal to our Members and still make a profit. lunchalot.com enables you to advertise your restaurant’s availability for free, so that you can increase your bookings and attract new customers.

3. How does lunchalot.com work?

When you advertise your tables on our website, they will be available for booking within 12 hours of the booking time, meaning it is a genuine last minute opportunity to fill your empty tables.

4. What if I don't take bookings, can I still use lunchalot.com?

Absolutely! Rather than thinking of the numbers in your Schedule Tables chart as bookings, think of them as invitations to potential customers into your restaurant or café at times when you know you will need some extra business. 

5. Who can join lunchalot.com on behalf of a restaurant or café?

To personally register a restaurant or café to become a lunchalot.com Partner, you must be an authorised representative, able to act on behalf of the business.

6. Where does my restaurant or café fit in the Price Guide?

The price guide displayed on the website is a self-evaluation by a restaurant or café based on the following criteria: 

$ = quick service / high table turnover / low-price menus 

$$ = mid-range segment / quality food / average-price menus

$$$ = fine-dining / high-quality food / high-price menus

7. I've registered my account with lunchalot.com, but the emails aren't coming to my inbox. What should I do?

Please check your Junk or Spam folder in case they have accidentally been delivered there. If you still have no luck, you need to get in touch with us using the chat window at the bottom of the screen.

8. My login failed, what should I do?

Check that your account has been activated and that you have clicked on the activation link in your validation email. Also check that you are logging in using the email address supplied at registration and in the Restaurant Area (as opposed to the Member Area). If you have any difficulties with this you can get in touch with us using the chat window at the bottom of the screen.

9. What is the difference between 25% and 50% when I'm advertising tables on lunchalot.com?

Offering a table at 50% off entitles your customer to 50% off food items on the menu excluding beverages, which you should charge at your regular price. Offering a table at 25% off (at busier times) entitles your customer to 25% off food and beverages.

10. What if my restaurant offers BYO? How does that work in the discount?

If your restaurant offers BYO, corkage is treated the same as any beverage, so full price on the 50% deal and 25% off on the meal and drinks deal.

11. Can I change my table availability?

As a Partner Restaurant, you will always be in total control of the number of tables you set, the times these tables appear on the website, and the minimum and maximum number of guests for each table. You can change the numbers instantly as your business dictates.

12. Who can book my tables?

All tables advertised on the website are only viewable and available for booking by lunchalot.com Members.

13. How will I know when my tables have been booked?

As soon as one of your advertised tables has been booked via lunchalot.com you will be notified instantly via email or SMS (whichever notification method you have indicated in your account).

14. Do I have to contact the customer to confirm their reservation?

No, we look after this for you! When a table is booked, your customer gets an instant booking confirmation by email or SMS. They will simply come in at the booking time and give you their name, which will match your booking notification records.

15. Can a lunchalot.com member use their booking credit in conjunction with another offer I am running?

This remains at your discretion. The lunchalot.com Member will be entitled to a discount advertised on the website at the time they booked. Whether or not you choose to let them participate in another offer is up to you.

16. Can I use lunchalot.com when I have bookings that dont show up or cancel at the last minute?

YES! lunchalot.com is ideal for these situations, because in less than a minute you can upload a table and have it booked by our Members hungry for a last minute deal. Fill those tables in an instant!

17. What if my restaurant or café is closed at certain times?

You just don’t advertise tables at these times. You’re always 100% in control of the number of tables and times you advertise on the lunchalot.com website. 

18. If I am not open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how can I make the Schedule Tables chart a bit more suitable for my establishment?

By putting a time for your first and last sitting, and pressing save at the bottom of the Schedule Tables page you will have reduced the size of the chart to suit your opening hours and make it much more manageable. 

19. How many tables should I advertise?

The number of tables should reflect your availability at certain times of the week/day. Remember the more tables you promote, the more hungry customers will be at your door!

21. What is the difference between the Schedule Tables and Fine-Tune Tables pages?

The Schedule Tables page is your weekly calendar. You only have to fill it in once and the numbers will be populated throughout your calendar for your convenience. The Fine-Tune Tables page has been designed for you to make last minute individual adjustments table by table for a specific day. 

22. What does it mean when the window on the Fine-Tune Tables page turns blue?

This means the booking window is open! Your tables have been posted to the website and are available for our hungry members to search, view and book.

23. Will I need to manually reduce the number of tables available for booking, once I get some booked by lunchalot.com Members?

No, the number of tables available is automatically reduced as bookings come in against those tables. When the last table is booked (or the time slot expires) then the relevant listing disappears from the website. 

24. If I want to put up a last minute table to replace a cancellation, but I can't get to my computer as I am busy in the restaurant, is there a way I can do this quickly and easily?

Sure. The Fine-Tune Tables chart for just 'today' is always available on your smart phone. You can upload a new table in just a few clicks and in less than 20 seconds it's live on the website!

25. Can I join lunchalot.com as a member?

Yes you can join as a member and enjoy all the benefits lunchalot.com has to offer! 

26. When does lunchalot.com launch?

lunchalot.com is currently open in Greater Sydney & NSW, and will be opening to the rest of Australia progressively in 2013. As lunchalot.com requires a comprehensive geographical spread of Restaurants & Cafes before opening up to members, suburbs will open up when a sufficient number of Restaurants & Cafes have posted tables in each area.